Dropshipping possibilities in Magento

Approximately in every third Magento project that I am doing I get the request to implement some kind of Dropshipping. That’s why I want to give a short overview of how to handle that with Magento. What is Dropshipping? Dropshipping is a kind of E-Commerce business where the merchant offers products in his online shop without […]

Why developer health matters?

So this blog post will be the starting point for a series of health-related articles targeted for developers. As I know personally life as a developer can be tough: we live in an ever-changing world and the speed in the IT sector is even faster than anything else. And human brain has its difficulties with […]

Infografik zur DSGVO

Die Datenschutzgeundverordnung darf natürlich in keinem Blog heutzutage fehlen😬 Hierzu habe ich folgende gute Infografik von webvision gefunden: (Quelle: https://www.web-vision.de/service/dsgvo-check.html)

AlphaGo | Netflix

AlphaGo | Netflix Yesterday I watched the “AlphaGo” documentation on Netflix and for everyone interested in AI I definitely recommend watching this. The most fascinating thing is the reaction of the Go Players after the end of the matches. Really, really impressive what a “simple Narrow AI” already is able to learn. Really exciting about […]

Book-Review “Die 4 Stunden Woche”

Zur Zeit lese ich das Buch Die 4 Stunden Woche” von Timothy Ferriss. Prinzipiell gefällt mir sein vorgeschlagener Ansatz, Arbeitszeit im Hinblick auf unsere Lebenszeit zu optimieren. Allerdings habe ich doch einige Zweifel, dass dieses Prinzip auf alle Branchen, insbesondere z.B. die Dienstleistungsbranche anwendbar ist. Selbst im privaten Bereich würde ich mir jetzt nicht wie […]