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A totally different recommendation engine for Magento

A few weeks ago we released the first version of our new Recolize Recommendation Engine extension for Magento. We – that is the company Recolize that I founded together with Michael Stork and Anja Lange in the beginning of this year. Since the mid of last year we have put enormous efforts into building an innovative and incredibly useful extension that enables merchants to boost their revenues by offering Amazon widgets like “Customers who bought X also bought Y”.

Magento: Custom Menu ACL is not shown in Role Resources

Small Hint: If your custom top menu ACL is not shown under System > Permissions > Roles > Role Resources you should double check that each ACL child has a <title> node.

Using PHPUnit 3.6/3.7 with Zend Framework 1 applications

Some of you may already have noticed that PHPUnit > 3.5 does not run very well with Zend Framework 1 applications because of incompatible interface declarations and there seem to be no efforts to make this happen in the future (because ZF 2 should be used instead). But downgrading with pear is a quite cumbersome process (and additionally I do not want to use this old version of it) so I looked a little bit deeper into each of the incompatibilities.

Türchen 05: Magento und seine Bestellstatus – ein Überblick

Für den bekannten Webguys-Adventskalender habe ich einen Artikel geschrieben, in dem es um die Magento Order Status/State-Logiken geht und in dem ich erkläre, wie man ungewollte und falsche Status/State-Kombinationen (z.B. hervorgerufen durch Extensions) verhindert: Türchen 05: Magento und seine Bestellstatus – ein Überblick Magento bietet seit Version 1.5 (CE) die Möglichkeit, benutzerdefinierte Bestellstatus komfortabel über das Backend anzulegen und zu verwalten. Dennoch sehe ich in meiner täglichen Freelancer-Tätigkeit, dass diese Funktionalität insbesondere bei kleineren Magento-Shops in vielen Fällen noch völlig vernachlässigt wird.

How to get current URL in Magento CMS Block/Page?

With the following code you can retrieve the current page url in your Magento CMS block or page: {{store url="*/*/*" _current="true" _use_rewrite="true"}} Source:

Overview of Zend Framework versions in Magento CE

Perhaps somebody might be interested in an overview of the different Zend Framework versions that are used in each Magento CE release, e.g. if you are developing Magento modules and want to use some kind of Zend Framework methods that are only available after a certain ZF version. The ZF version info can be derived from file lib/Zend/Version.php. So here is an overview of the Zend Framework version for each Magento CE release since 1.

Magento Mobile Theme Overview

It has been really quiet about the official Magento Mobile App so I have done a research for one of my customers that is in need of a solid, cost-efficient mobile solution that does not require building up a new site from ground (i.e. the mobile site should exist in addition to the current webpage – not replace it). The analysis showed that the shop visitors have lots of different device screen solutions so a mobile theme / responsive design is preferred that can be used for a variety of devices.

/dev/notes: Magento Caches Database Columns

/dev/notes: Magento Caches Database Columns magento-quickies: When you’re creating custom Magento models, it’s common to to add and remove fields to and from a database table during development before finalizing a…

Magento Developers Paradise Linklist

Though unfortunately I didn’t manage to go to the Magento Developers Paradise this year let’s sum up the various helpful links posted on twitter with valuable Magento know how: Performance tipps for developers by Ivan Chepurnyi Magento Mobile Performance by Ray Bogman (for those who don’t know yet) Automated test environments with Vagrant by Robin Mueller How to do a Shop Analysis by Andreas v. Studnitz And in my opinion the most interesting one is this

The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet 2.0

The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet 2.0 It is my honor and privilege today to introduce the brand new version of The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet. This free and downloadable cheat sheet covers all of the important SEO code and best practices that are needed by online marketers and developers.