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My Blog now moved to Hugo

Although there are not that many blog posts here, I regularly re-acknowledge all the work that has been spent to create the articles that are currently there. That's why I decided to give some love to my blog and move all the content from WordPress to Hugo. While my main website is (of course ;-) based on Magento, my blog always has been separate from it to avoid any interferences. When I started in 2006, I hosted it on Tumblr, then I moved it to WordPress a few years ago.

Legacy IT-Systeme in Real Life

Interessante Unterhaltung zum Thema Legacy IT-Systeme am Beispiel der Sparkasse: Unterhaltung – Curated tweets by vianetz

Infografik zur DSGVO

Die Datenschutzgeundverordnung darf natürlich in keinem Blog heutzutage fehlen😬 Hierzu habe ich folgende gute Infografik von webvision gefunden: (Quelle:

AlphaGo | Netflix

AlphaGo | Netflix

Podcast recap: Switching from monolith to microservices

I just listened to the latest ShopTechBlog Podcast Episode(in German) which was very interesting as it’s all about the technical architecture of the new Galeria Kaufhof shop. With their relaunch they switched from a monolith to a custom implementation with REST service-based architecture with a separation of the following 5 business domains allowing them to independently optimize each service within their Scrum teams: Search Explore (catalog, teaser, recommendations, ..) Evaluate Order (checkout, .

A collection of my daily RSS feeds

In this blog post I want to share with you a short list of my daily RSS feeds that I find very useful to stay up-to-date in different categories: E-Commerce etailment Exciting Commerce shopanbieter Carpathia konversionsKRAFT Handelskraft Kassenzone Freelancer Freiberufler Blog Twinfield Magento Webguys Alan Storm Eschrade Gordon Lesti Alan Kent PHP Coder On Code HHVM ircmaxell’s blog Mathias Verraes Startup Christian Weisbrodt Gründerszene Deutsche Startups Technology general t3n Best practice business You have some feed recommendations that could be interesting?

Customer feedback is priceless

Today I got a really nice present from one of my Magento Extension customers: Thanks very much for that – these little things remind me why I like being part of the Magento ecosystem and why you should improve caring about your customers every single day. Thanks again! Of course if you have any questions regarding our Magento Extensions or Ecommerce in general please do not hesitate to contact me.

Some Magento Extension recommendations

I am often asked by my clients what Magento Extensions I can recommend for their shop. Thats why I created a (probably incomplete) list of Magento extensions that I regularly use in my Magento projects: <th style="text-align: left;border-bottom: 2px #efefef solid"> Category </th> <th style="text-align: left;border-bottom: 2px #efefef solid"> My comments </th> <td> <i>Administration, Must-Have</i> </td> <td> </td> <td> <i>Administration, Must-Have</i> </td> <td> quickly adapt your Magento Store to German Market incl.

My first look at Sellvana – the new ecommerce open source platform

Sellvanais promised to be new star in the ecommerce sky. Yesterday I had the chance to access the BitBucket repository within the closed beta access and take a more detailed look into the current status of the codebase. Here is some (unsorted) feedback: Sellvana is a really interesting piece of software that makes you wish for more Installation is more than easy and fast (especially in contrast to e.g. OroCRM) Cool features like responsive design, nice admin dashboard, .

Checkout experiences in real life

Checkout experiences in real life