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Why I prefer Signal over WhatsApp

Recently I was very impressed by the reported numbers of millions of people switching from WhatsApp to Signal in response to the latest privacy policy changes of WhatsApp in Februar 2021 (which has now been postponed to May because WhatsApp fears to miss so many users).

I use the Signal messenger for most of my private messages already since several years and I am very confident with it. In this post I will shortly highlight some arguments why I prefer Signal over WhatsApp.

Joplin - the 🥇Best Evernote Alternative

As a privacy-concerned user it can sometimes be very tricky to find alternatives to the most-used applications. Looking for the best alternative to the widely established note-taking application Evernote was one of those hard evaluations and it took me a while, but here is the result: Joplin. Read why.

Privacy Checklist 2020

My this year’s Christmas blog post is about some simple privacy tools and actions you can take to easily improve your privacy. This post is not dedicated to shop owners or developers but to any people in general that take their privacy seriously (which should be anyone to be honest). When choosing these privacy tools the focus was on easy handling so that everyone can use them easily or with minimal implications and technical knowledge.