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Notes of a Magento Developer's Life

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Hugo Deployments with Bitbucket Pipelines

Bitbucket has a great feature called Bitbucket Pipelines with that you are able to do tasks automatically after code has been pushed to the repository. This workflow can also be used for Hugo deployments with Bitbucket Pipelines. Typical tasks for pipelines from my customer projects include e.g. deployments run phpunit test suite make code syntax checks, e.g. run phpstan, code sniffer, etc. generate anonymized dumps for staging environments Specifically for Hugo projects like this blog I use it to deploy the code automatically to the testing or live servers.

How to backup your CalDav calendar with a Raspberry Pi?

One of the basic things that you as a developer must know is how to handle a version control system like git, subversion, Mercurial, you name it.. Once that you have grasped all the benefits of such a version control system, you won’t ever miss that. But you begin to recognize to miss it in a lot of other applications where you want to e.g. track the history.

Privacy Checklist 2020

My this year’s Christmas blog post is about some simple privacy tools and actions you can take to easily improve your privacy. This post is not dedicated to shop owners or developers but to any people in general that take their privacy seriously (which should be anyone to be honest). When choosing these privacy tools the focus was on easy handling so that everyone can use them easily or with minimal implications and technical knowledge.