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When should I start using Magento 2?

Finally it’s time for a new blog post as the last one about the interesting ShopTechBlog episode is dated a while back. Today I want to raise some pro and contra arguments for upgrading to Magento 2or starting a new project with the new release of Magento E-Commerce. This is by no means a complete list but just some of my thoughts on this topic. First of all we have 2 scenarios to look at:

Podcast recap: Switching from monolith to microservices

I just listened to the latest ShopTechBlog Podcast Episode(in German) which was very interesting as it’s all about the technical architecture of the new Galeria Kaufhof shop. With their relaunch they switched from a monolith to a custom implementation with REST service-based architecture with a separation of the following 5 business domains allowing them to independently optimize each service within their Scrum teams: Search Explore (catalog, teaser, recommendations, ..) Evaluate Order (checkout, .

Why should I do a Magento upgrade?

Today I was asked by a client if he should upgrade his Magento store to the latest Magento Community Edition As this question arises more than often I would like to emphasize some arguments for doing the upgrade. Of course this is question cannot be answered in general because it depends on many factors like level of customization, budget, known issues in the workflow, etc. 1. Security Security is always a good argument, especially if one has seen the latest severe Magento security issues (e.

Some book recommendations for the rainy weekend

Recently I’ve found the time to read some very interesting books that I can really recommend – both from an entertaining as well as from a knowledge perspective: <td> <h2> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">The Lean Startup</a> </h2> <p> I think I don’t have to write much about this book. Everybody interested in getting to know the lean principle should definitely read this.</td> </tr> <tr> <td> <h2> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Building Microservices</a> </h2> <p> As microservices seems to be a trending topic these days understanding the idea and concept behind them was very interesting (though I do not think they are suitable for every case).

Available Magento Code Sniffer rulesets

Basically I recommend following the PSR-2 standardfor Coding Style Guidelines in Magento projects. Verifying your coding styles makes sense in any case – whether you are working in a large team of developers or as a freelancer for several clients. Agreeing to one common coding standard and following the rules improves readability and comparability. But as we all know Magento has some quirks that do not fit very well this standard (like underscore class names, underscore prefixed variables, etc.

A collection of my daily RSS feeds

In this blog post I want to share with you a short list of my daily RSS feeds that I find very useful to stay up-to-date in different categories: E-Commerce etailment Exciting Commerce shopanbieter Carpathia konversionsKRAFT Handelskraft Kassenzone Freelancer Freiberufler Blog Twinfield Magento Webguys Alan Storm Eschrade Gordon Lesti Alan Kent PHP Coder On Code HHVM ircmaxell’s blog Mathias Verraes Startup Christian Weisbrodt Gründerszene Deutsche Startups Technology general t3n Best practice business You have some feed recommendations that could be interesting?

The Magento totals sort order hell

Yesterday I had an interesting problem in a Magento community installation of one of my clients: After the deinstallation of the Unirgy_GiftCert extension the total values subtotal, tax and grand_total were totally messed up. That means sums without tax were shown as grand_total and subtotal whereas it was configured totally different. After some debugging action I found out that incorrect dependencies for the total models were the cause for this issue (the sort order did change because of the uninstallation of the gift certificate extension):

How to reduce spam messages sent via Magento contact form without using Captchas

A lot of my clientscomplain about the fact that they receive lots of spam messages via the Magento contact and review forms. Basically in most of these cases I recommend using professional services like Akismet and an appropriate Magento extension which effectively reduce the amount of spam messages to a minimum. (I don’t want to mention Captchas because I do not want to loose potential customers ;-) But there are also some simple code modifications that can easily be made in a couple of hours by yourself, e.

Magento 1.9: Downloadable Products cannot be created (German localization)

In Magento 1.9 there is a JavaScript error on the product page in the backend that prohibits adding links to downloadable products when using the default German localization that ships with this Magento version. The root cause for this problem is the file app/locale/de_DE/Mage_Media.csv which somehow contains an additional line break at the end of the file: "This content requires last version of Adobe Flash Player. <a href="http://">Get Flash</a>","Dieser Inhalt erfordert die neueste Version des Adobe Flash Players.

Customer feedback is priceless

Today I got a really nice present from one of my Magento Extension customers: Thanks very much for that – these little things remind me why I like being part of the Magento ecosystem and why you should improve caring about your customers every single day. Thanks again! Of course if you have any questions regarding our Magento Extensions or Ecommerce in general please do not hesitate to contact me.