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Notes of a Magento Developer's Life

My Blog now moved to Hugo

Although there are not that many blog posts here, I regularly re-acknowledge all the work that has been spent to create the articles that are currently there. That’s why I decided to give some love to my blog and move all the content from WordPress to Hugo. While my main website is (of course ;-) based on Magento, my blog always has been separate from it to avoid any interferences.

Dropshipping possibilities in Magento

Approximately in every third Magento project that I am doing  I get the request to implement some kind of Dropshipping. That’s why I want to give a short overview of how to handle that with Magento. What is Dropshipping? Dropshipping is a kind of E-Commerce business where the merchant offers products in his online shop without having the products in his inventory. If a customer orders some of these products a so-called purchase order is made and the dropshipping partner will ship the items for the merchant.

Why developer health matters?

So this blog post will be the starting point for a series of health-related articles targeted for developers. As I know personally life as a developer can be tough: we live in an ever-changing world and the speed in the IT sector is even faster than anything else. And human brain has its difficulties with exponential growth. That’s why I want to get into the details about how to establish developer health.

Legacy IT-Systeme in Real Life

Interessante Unterhaltung zum Thema Legacy IT-Systeme am Beispiel der Sparkasse: Unterhaltung – Curated tweets by vianetz

Infografik zur DSGVO

Die Datenschutzgrundverordnung darf natürlich in keinem Blog heutzutage fehlen😬 Hierzu habe ich folgende gute Infografik von webvision gefunden: (Quelle:

AlphaGo | Netflix

AlphaGo | Netflix Yesterday I watched the “AlphaGo” documentation on Netflix and for everyone interested in AI I definitely recommend watching this. The most fascinating thing is the reaction of the Go Players after the end of the matches. Really, really impressive what a “simple Narrow AI” already is able to learn. Really exciting about the AI future and also its impact on e-commerce in general.

Book-Review “Die 4 Stunden Woche”

Zur Zeit lese ich das Buch Die 4 Stunden Woche” von Timothy Ferriss. Prinzipiell gefällt mir sein vorgeschlagener Ansatz, Arbeitszeit im Hinblick auf unsere Lebenszeit zu optimieren. Allerdings habe ich doch einige Zweifel, dass dieses Prinzip auf alle Branchen, insbesondere z.B. die Dienstleistungsbranche anwendbar ist. Selbst im privaten Bereich würde ich mir jetzt nicht wie von ihm vorgeschlagen einen Virtual Private Assistent zulegen, da die Qualität sehr schwankt und vor allem die Aufgaben auch passen müssen: was nützt mir ein Assistent in Indien, wenn ich hier in Deutschland zur Post muss?

MySQL: The innodb_file_per_table misconception

Mistakes in the conception phase of a project often pay off in a far far later point in time. This also applies for the setting innodb_file_per_table in MySQL. Prio to MySQL 5.6 this option is disabled by default which leads to one huge ibdata1 file being created on your machine for all your databases. The problem with this is that the space allocated on your disk can never be freed again.

When should I start using Magento 2?

Finally it’s time for a new blog post as the last one about the interesting ShopTechBlog episode is dated a while back. Today I want to raise some pro and contra arguments for upgrading to Magento 2 or starting a new project with the new release of Magento E-Commerce. This is by no means a complete list but just some of my thoughts on this topic. First of all we have 2 scenarios to look at:

Podcast recap: Switching from monolith to microservices

I just listened to the latest ShopTechBlog Podcast Episode (in German) which was very interesting as it’s all about the technical architecture of the new Galeria Kaufhof shop. With their relaunch they switched from a monolith to a custom implementation with REST service-based architecture with a separation of the following 5 business domains allowing them to independently optimize each service within their Scrum teams: Search Explore (catalog, teaser, recommendations, .