The Magento totals sort order hell

Yesterday I had an interesting problem in a Magento community installation of one of my clients: After the deinstallation of the Unirgy_GiftCert extension the total values subtotal, tax and grand_total were totally messed up. That means sums without tax were shown as grand_total and subtotal whereas it was configured totally different. After some debugging action […]

Customer feedback is priceless

Today I got a really nice present from one of my Magento Extension customers:Thanks very much for that – these little things remind me why I like being part of the Magento ecosystem and why you should improve caring about your customers every single day. Thanks again! Of course if you have any questions regarding […]

Magento Mobile Theme Overview

It has been really quiet about the official Magento Mobile App so I have done a research for one of my customers that is in need of a solid, cost-efficient mobile solution that does not require building up a new site from ground (i.e. the mobile site should exist in addition to the current webpage – […]

The ultimate Magento local development environment

Which software pieces do you need for fast and qualitative development of Magento modules? PhpStorm: the state-of-the-art IDE for PHP Magicento: the plugin that makes PhpStorm incredible useful for Magento by providing auto-completion, automatically generating module structure and many more features. PhpCodesniffer in combination with Magento ECG Coding Standards Php Mess Detector: easily find duplicate code contents […]