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The Magento totals sort order hell

Yesterday I had an interesting problem in a Magento community installation of one of my clients: After the deinstallation of the Unirgy_GiftCert extension the total values subtotal, tax and grand_total were totally messed up. That means sums without tax were shown as grand_total and subtotal whereas it was configured totally different. After some debugging action I found out that incorrect dependencies for the total models were the cause for this issue (the sort order did change because of the uninstallation of the gift certificate extension):

Magento 1.9: Downloadable Products cannot be created (German localization)

In Magento 1.9 there is a JavaScript error on the product page in the backend that prohibits adding links to downloadable products when using the default German localization that ships with this Magento version. The root cause for this problem is the file app/locale/de_DE/Mage_Media.csv which somehow contains an additional line break at the end of the file: "This content requires last version of Adobe Flash Player. <a href="http://">Get Flash</a>","Dieser Inhalt erfordert die neueste Version des Adobe Flash Players.

Customer feedback is priceless

Today I got a really nice present from one of my Magento Extension customers: Thanks very much for that – these little things remind me why I like being part of the Magento ecosystem and why you should improve caring about your customers every single day. Thanks again! Of course if you have any questions regarding our Magento Extensions or Ecommerce in general please do not hesitate to contact me.

A totally different recommendation engine for Magento

A few weeks ago we released the first version of our new Recolize Recommendation Engineextension for Magento. We – that is the company Recolize that I founded together with Michael Stork and Anja Lange in the beginning of this year. Since the mid of last year we have put enormous efforts into building an innovative and incredibly useful extension that enables merchants to boost their revenues by offering Amazon widgets like “Customers who bought X also bought Y”.

Magento: Custom Menu ACL is not shown in Role Resources

Small Hint: If your custom top menu ACL is not shown under System > Permissions > Roles > Role Resources you should double check that each ACL child has a <title> node.

How to get current URL in Magento CMS Block/Page?

With the following code you can retrieve the current page url in your Magento CMS block or page:

Overview of Zend Framework versions in Magento CE

Perhaps somebody might be interested in an overview of the different Zend Framework versions that are used in each Magento CE release, e.g. if you are developing Magento modules and want to use some kind of Zend Framework methods that are only available after a certain ZF version. The ZF version info can be derived from file lib/Zend/Version.php. So here is an overview of the Zend Framework version for each Magento CE release since 1.

Magento Mobile Theme Overview

It has been really quiet about the official Magento Mobile App so I have done a research for one of my customers that is in need of a solid, cost-efficient mobile solution that does not require building up a new site from ground (i.e. the mobile site should exist in addition to the current webpage – not replace it). The analysis showed that the shop visitors have lots of different device screen solutions so a mobile theme / responsive design is preferred that can be used for a variety of devices.

The ultimate Magento local development environment

Time is money and therefore every developer should strive for an optimal setup in which he can operate the fastest. Since I began with Magento in 2008 a lot has changed tool-wise and I am constantly improving to find the optimum Magento local development setup. Which software pieces do you need for fast and qualitative development of Magento modules? PhpStorm: since many years now the state-of-the-art IDE for PHP, this software is worth every penny and is continually developed every few months Magicento: the plugin that makes PhpStorm incredible useful for Magento by providing auto-completion, automatically generating module structure and many more features.